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High quality and secure data storage

MTT’s VPS service provides virtual server with a standalone operating system that has full access and allows the installation of any software. VPS allows you to upgrade over time, memory capacity or processor without disrupts the server. Our goal is to meet the high-end demand of security, backup and data management for our customers.

Saki Corp

VPS Technology

Server on IBM Blade Center on Cluster Technology.

Fibre Channel SAN Data Storage on the RAID-X.

CITRIX Xen Virtualization System, Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware.

Cluster Server systems in case of a server crash, automatically restart on new server.

Use firewall redundancy with high availability.

Windows or Linux OS.

Saki Corp

High Storage

The storage capacity of the disk is distributed through the SAN. 100GB for storing basic data. Thanks to X-RAID technology, the problems of data storage disk and applications will not interfere with its operation.

Extra disk space can be allocated for the purpose of recording or backup. Data is protected by RAID1 or RAID 5 system.

Saki Corp

Historical backup data

We offer two different backup options:

  • Backups with Management: This service is only available if the provider MTT Management Server feature. The active backup and data recovery are our team and monitoring performance.
  • Backups without Management: This service allows you to manage backup and restore operations on thanks Safe File solution.
Saki Corp

Server Management’s support contract

Our support contract of “Managing and Monitoring Server” provides any support you may need to and not including service / product delivery standard MTT. You can get the fully support for unlimited times during the contract.

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