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Work from your home, the road, vacation, or anywhere when you have all you work calls forwarded to another number. This feature also makes sharing you personal mobile number unnecessary.

Unified network

Link remote employees and satellite offices all on your VoIP network. This eliminates costly inter-office calling and out of network calling among your employees.

Voicemail to Email

Know the moment you have a new voicemail without being near your office phone. Voicemails can be forwarded from your office phone to any email address and heard on any Internet ready device.

Saki Corp

Improve Customer Service

Call Queuing

Prevent customers from hearing a busy signal by receiving multiple calls on each line.

Auto Attendant

Acts as a receptionist on your main line by directing callers to a specific department or extension.

Saki Corp

Improve Productivity

Toll Free Number

Track the effectiveness of each ad dollar by including a dedicated toll free number on marketing campaigns.

Heads-up-Display  (HUD)

View who in your network is on a call and whose line is available from the convenience of your computer screen.

Saki Corp

Enhance the appearance of your business

Virtual Number

Immediately create a presence in your customers’ local market. All calls from virtual numbers are routed through your main line.

Auto Greeting

Enables your business to function and appear like large, established organizations. All calls are answered and routed by a professionally recorded greeting.

Saki Corp

Promote corporate identity

Virtual number

Increase the presence of the brand in the marketplace. All calls from virtual numbers are routed through the main telephone line of the business. Automatically express the scale of business operations. All calls are answered and routed in a professional manner.

Terms and Conditions

Contract term: At least 12 months and automatically renew for each subsequent year if customer does not request termination of service.

Contract termination: Written notice three months before the end of the contract.

Payment: cash or bank transfer on a monthly basis, 6 months or 12 months in advance depending on customer’s choice.

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